Yeo Bridge
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This was the only substantial bridge on the line. It had 7 spans and was 240 ft long. Cast iron piers supported a steel lattice structure. It was actually built in the 1880s, though the railway, of course, didn’t open until 1897. Soon after construction of the bridge, two of the piers sank and needed repairs. It always had a sagging appearance. Some passengers were nervous crossing the bridge due to the juddering. Within sight of the bridge was the Wick St. Lawrence Wharf. The bridge was the last railway structure to be removed in 1943.

The bridge’s metal supporting columns still exist but are on private land. See detail map. However North Somerset Council plans to build a cycleway on part of the route between Ham Lane halt and Wick St Lawrence halt which would use the nearby Tutshill Sluice to enable the River Yeo to be crossed.

River Yeo Bridge

'Weston crossing Yeo Bridge

Remains of bridge

Train hauled by loco ‘Weston’ crossing Yeo bridge in 1899

Remains of bridge April 2006

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