SS 2-4-0T
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Sharp Stewart 2-4-0T


Built: 1872 Maker: Sharp Stewart   Makers’ No: 2242  Bought: 1903   Withdrawn by WC&P: 1906 Scrapped: 1906?

Sharp Stewart 2-4-0T


There is some uncertainty as to the origin of this locomotive. The books by Colin Maggs, Christopher Redwood and Peter Strange all say that it was bought new by the LBSCR as No 53 Bishopstone. It worked on Newhaven harbour and was later numbered 270 working the Hayling Island branch as Fratton. It was again renumbered to 497. It was sold to Cohen of Nottingham for scrap and bought from them by the WC&PR in 1903. It was possibly named Portishead though this is uncertain. The rather ugly cab sides were a modification (compare with Hesperus with which it was very similar).

An alternative view is that the engine was originally North Western, makers' number 2241, which was delivered to the Jersey Railway in 1871. See Colonel Stephens Society Journal Issue 123 Summer 2016.

It was the engine involved in the WC&PR’s worst accident in Worle - see Accidents.

Driving wheel diameter was 4ft.