Clevedon B2
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Paul Gregory  

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Built: 1857  Maker: Sharp Stewart & Co Ltd   Makers’ No: 1017  Bought: 1898

 Withdrawn by WC&P: 1903/4?  Scrapped: 1906

Clevedon B2

Photo reproduced with permission from Weston-super-Mare Library


This outside-framed ‘single’ well tank loco was the second Clevedon and was bought from the Furness Railway where it had been numbered 12A. The Avonside works in Bristol fitted a new cab before delivery to the WC&P. The nameplate was transferred from the first Clevedon, the Walker 0-6-0T. Driving wheel diameter was 5ft 71/2 in. This loco was similar to Weston which was also bought from the Furness Railway, but with a modified full width cab and slighty less powerful and lighter. The photo of the nameplate is of the original. The plate was removed from this locomotive when it was disposed of and transferred to the Dubs No 1 Clevedon.

Clevedon Class B2 2-2-2WT


Clevedon nameplate