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Stations and halts

All 19 of the stations and halts on the railway are listed below from north to south. Most were simple halts with a shelter and no platform. The average distance between stations was only 0.75 mile, and the closest just 0.25 mile! Click on a station for further details and photo. You can ‘travel’ from station to station by clicking the ‘Next north’ or ‘Next south’ buttons on any station page.

Station details can also be found by clicking on the station name on the Maps page.

Details of other main features such as the Quarries, Gas Works, Wharf, Yeo Bridge and Portishead Bridge can be found via the local enlarged maps on the Main Map page, or via the Features page.  

Station                        Opened     Distance from Weston in miles (approx)

Portishead                            1907               13.8

Portishead South                 1907               13.1

Clapton Road                       1907               12.8

Cadbury Road                      1907               11.4

Walton-in-Gordano              1907                 9.9

Walton Park                        1907                 9.2

Clevedon All Saints              1917                 8.8

Clevedon East                      1907                 8.5

Clevedon                              1897                 7.8

Colehouse Lane                  1897                 6.8

Kingston Road                     1897                 6

Broadstone                          1918                 5.2

Ham Lane                            1897                 4.9

Wick St Lawrence                1897                 3.8

Ebdon Lane                          1897                 3.1

Worle Town                          1897                  1.8

Bristol Road                        1912                 1.3

Milton Road                          1897                  1

W-s-M Ashcombe Road       1897                  0