Conygar Quarry
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A siding close to the Walton Park halt ran to a raised concrete platform at the end of an embankment. See Detail map or old OS map. The quarry had a narrow gauge tramway which ran down the embankment to the raised platform to deliver stone which was tipped into the WC&PR wagons. The narrow gauge wagons ran down controlled by a winding drum, and hauled back up using an electric winch. A piece of standard gauge track still exists at the far end of the siding at the base of the loading platform, and a small piece of narrow gauge track exists on the top of the embankment, but both are in a very poor state. (Aug 2009).

See also Black Rock & Nightingale Quarries.

Conygar Quarry

Photo above is looking from the railway towards the quarry looking at the end of the embankment. The standard gauge siding ran from the foreground towards the left hand side of the trees.

Photo above shows the loading ramp with a remaining piece of the siding standard gauge track. Looking away from the quarry towards the main line.

Photo above shows a piece of the quarry narrow gauge track on the embankment.

Loading ramp and rail Narrow gauge rail Conygar Embankment