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Paul Gregory  

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The railway had two rail-tractors for shunting at different times built bFirst Muir-Hill rail-tractory Muir-Hill of Manchester. The first bought in 1921 was based on a simple conversion of a Fordson tractor with the rear wheels removed and replaced by 40 in. flanged wheels. A solid front axle held 24 in. wheels. It was used on the Wharf line, but only lasted a year being damaged beyond repair in a derailment.

The second bought in 1926 from Muir-Hill to Colonel Stephens’ requirements (photo below) was also based on a Fordson but was more elaborate with four 40in. flanged wheels. It had a 4 cylinder petrol engine and weighed about 4 tons. A wooden wagon-like structure with glass-panelled cab was fitted by the WC&PR carpenter. They knew a thing or two about style on the WC&P! It was scrapped on closure.  

NEWS: A model kit of this ‘beauty’ is available. Details ....

Second Muir-Hill rail-tractor