No 3 Weston
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Paul Gregory  

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Built: 1881 Maker: Manning Wardle   Makers’ No: 731    Bought: 1906     Withdrawn by WC&P: 1940 Scrapped: 1940

No 3 Weston

Photo: R G Jarvis


The second locomotive named Weston, it was originally called Resolute when built. After belonging to several owners, it was bought by Avonside Engine Co of Bristol from Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley Railway where it had been called No 7 Cwm Mawr. Avonside modified it in 1906 by enlarging the tank and cab. In early years it was operated as an 0-4-2 when the rear coupling rods were removed to cope with the tight curve on the GWR connecting line at Clevedon. Peckett & Sons rebuilt Weston in the 1920s. It had been painted crimson lake, but was changed to apple green with black lining. Wheel diameter was 2ft 101/2 in. The loco had a very high pitched whistle, which could be heard from afar.

The photo of the nameplate above is of the original which is owned by Col Stephens Museum, Tenterden. This locomotive was originally fitted with the brass oval nameplate from the first Weston.

No 3 Weston 0-6-0ST


Weston nameplate