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Help with maps

At the top left of every station page (or other major feature) are two buttons which allow you to switch between the web site’s main map and the enlarged scale local map of the particular area. From these maps, you can select another station, or feature.  

On all station pages a button marked Detail map takes you to a large scale map of the immediate area around the station. This helps in finding the exact location of the station. The station or halt is correctly positioned. Features such as quarries also all have detail maps. On each detail map, a button marked with < links back to the relevant station or feature page.   

On most station pages a button takes you to an old OS map of the area. At the top of the old OS map, further buttons allow you to go back to one of the stations or features on the map. There is also a link to a list of old OS maps.

Two other buttons at top right of Station pages allow you to ‘travel’ to the next station, north or south, while on Detail map pages the buttons take you to the next detail map.

At the top right of every station or ‘feature’ page, a button labelled Google maps takes you to the Google maps web site in a new window, and displays a present day Google map of the railway route, with the approximate location of stations/features marked by the symbol shown above. A red line shows the approximate route of the railway. You will need to zoom in to see the detail you require. Please note that the Detail Map on each station page will usually give the most accurate location of the station.

Using Google maps tools you can set either maps or aerial view mode.

If you look closely in aerial photo mode, you can sometimes make out the route of the line, shown perhaps by a farm track, the line of a hedge, or a run of houses. On the current Ordnance Survey Explorer paper maps sheets 153 and 154, the route of the line can be seen in places if you look carefully.

If you have problems with this feature, or have any comments, please contact me.

Station location symbol