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Clevedon - then & now

On this page are pictures of Clevedon as it was and the same location today.

Roll the mouse over the pictures to see today’s scene. (Please allow page to fully download).

Parnell Road crossing, Clevedon. Parnell Road crosses left to right. The building, a former barn used to assemble the 'Argentine'  carriages was demolished in March 2015.

See also The line today for more details

Old photo left (1937) reproduced with permission from The Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway by Peter Strange published by Twelveheads Press

Clevedon Triangle - The track can just be seen on the old photo crossing the street left to right. One of the three gates can be seen on the right. See also Clevedon Triangle page.

Clevedon Triangle - note W H Smith both then & now. See also Clevedon Triangle page

Old photo left shows first train to Portishead - reproduced with permission from Ken Crowhurst collection.