Portishead Bridges
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Portishead Bridges

The railway crossed a rhyne at Portishead over two separate metal bridges, one of which survives. (A rhyne is a drainage ditch pronounced ‘reen’ - see Wikipedia entry).

The first bridge (when leaving Portishead station) is now obliterated by the current Wyndham Way road bridge, but remains of the second bridge (when leaving Portishead station) are covered in undergrowth and is on the left of Wyndham Way when approaching Portishead by road just before the road bridge. The old railway bridge can’t be seen from the road. Click photos to enlarge.

Old bridge 1

Old Bridge 2

Photo above shows first bridge looking towards Portishead station. Wyndham Way now runs across picture. Photo taken 1966-68 by Michael Bussell.

Photo above shows second bridge looking towards Portishead. Photo taken 1966-68 by Michael Bussell.

Photo on right is of second bridge looking in same direction as old photo. Taken in 2006.

Bridge 2 in 2006