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About this site

This is currently the only comprehensive website about this railway, and was my first attempt at a website, being first launched in June 2004.

For reference material, I have used all of the books listed on the Books page, and applied to each publisher for permission to use selected images. All but one was happy for me to use a limited number. Special thanks are due to Peter Strange and Christopher Redwood for permission to use photos. Howard Carey has provided much valuable information. If anyone has any images for which they own the copyright, I would be grateful for permission to use them.

I have also researched original material held at the Weston-super-Mare reference library, and was given permission to use some of their images.

For maps, I decided to create my own and got a bit carried away and have created about 26 maps in total, there being a map for each station and ‘feature (such as quarries etc.) together with overall maps. These are interlinked and are all quite accurate and should enable the route of the line and location of each station to be reasonably accurately found. There is also a link to Google aerial photos and maps via a button on each station or feature page. The route of the line is superimposed on the Google maps. Old Ordnance Survey maps are included and there is a Help page for maps if required.

Information is extensively linked, but if you should find difficulty in finding anything try either the Site Search or Site map facilities.

From the outset, I hoped to be able to set up some form of group or society about the railway, and in Nov 2006 we launched the WC&P Railway Group. It is now thriving and growing.

I still intend to update this site as much as necessary and would be pleased to receive any suggestions for improvements, or any contributions. I welcome any comments of any kind - see Contact page.

The site was originally created using Net Objects Fusion MX and 9 but has been completely rebuilt using Serif WebPlus and re-launched in December 2009. Current version of WebPlus used is X8.

The original domain name for this site wcandpr.org.uk is being phased out and www.wcpr.org.uk should now be used. We also have wcprgroup.org.uk for the WC&P Railway Group site.

Note: This site has been tested for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Firefox browsers. It should work OK for a range of resolutions. Java script should be enabled. I would strongly recommend keeping your browser up-to-date. Please contact me if you have any problems with this site, queries or suggestions for improvements.

I have also produced a few other websites which are listed here.

Thanks for your interest.

Paul Gregory