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DVDs and TV


The WC&P Railway Group has had a DVD about the WC&PR professionally made by 1st Take.

The DVD may be purchased from the Group’s web site here....

Somerset's Lost Railway DVD

The only other video available that we know of with (only brief) reference to the WC&P is:

Jim Clemens No.9: Vol.91 - Somerset Steam Railways (60-mins)
Rare but brief 1930’s footage of the WC&P Railway but mostly other Somerset branch lines.

Available from Wolverton Rail.

Jim Clemens DVD

TV Programme

The BBC showed a series of three short documentaries on BBC 2 in 1989 called “The Seaside Trains” one of which was about the WC&PR called “The Pretty Route to Weston”. It gave an excellent insight into this railway, with interviews of passengers and staff, with some of the 1930’s footage and film of the Nailsea Club’s O gauge model. This is not available commercially according to the BBC, though I have a video of it. If enough people request it, the BBC might one day release a DVD or rebroadcast it. You may be able to help by emailing the BBC Shop here.  

The other two episodes in the series were: “Alive and Puffing” about the branch line to Minehead and “The Friendly Line to Burnham”.

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