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Before the Portishead extension was opened in 1907, the WC&PR only had 3 wagons, but eventually this rose to 27 open wagons, 1 covered box van, and a brake van.  

The open wagons were mostly 6 ton 3 plank open, and 8 and 10 ton 5 and 7 plank open, and mostly ex-Midland Railway. They were painted grey with white lettering. The covered box van was ex-Great Eastern Railway, and the brake van ex-Midland Railway.

Various private owners’ wagons appeared on the line, such as Black Rock Quarries and the Clevedon Gas Works who had their own PO wagons and a rectangular tar wagon.


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3 plank wagons    

Photo shows 3-plank open wagons No 19 and 14 in 1938. Click to enlarge.

Photo reproduced with permission from Weston-super-Mare Library