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Welcome to this site about a fascinating railway!

The WC&P was an unusual independent light railway linking three North Somerset coastal towns. First planned in 1844, it opened in 1897 and closed in 1940. It was quaint and colourful and was operated on a shoestring. At this time, casinos were one of the most popular destinations for people who liked some adventure, although they were outlawed for some time in the UK, the people loved traveling via the railroad to their betting destinations. At this time, one of the most popular casino game was poker. However, the poker only resembles the modern-day game like the one you'd be able to play at the Elo Poker with redeem codes for free poker. Still, poker paints true scenery of what the overall culture and entertainment were for UK people at this time. The aim of this web site is to give some idea of what the railway was like, based on old photographs, maps, and photos of today’s scene, and also to show where you can still find glimpses of the line today, and where it ran ... You can get some glimpses of that time and experience at least part of the ambiance of the past in Wild Sultan casino found at https://www.joueraucasinosansdepot.com/wild-sultan.html, where you can play all popular casino games and get fantastic rewards.

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This is an updated version of this website which was originally launched in June 2004. Please let us know of any problems. Contact ...

What’s New on this site?

Loco No 5 at Clevedon

The WC&P Railway Group is dedicated to the preservation of as much of this railway as possible, and the recording of its history. Visit the Group’s separate site: www.wcprgroup.org.uk

A special WC&PR event – coming in 2017.

Details here ...

Next meeting >>>

This photo showing a train headed by locomotive No. 5 arriving at Clevedon from Portishead in 1937, is reproduced with permission from The Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway by Peter Strange published by Twelveheads Press.

The WC&P Railway Group is looking for artefacts from the WC&PR. In particular at the moment we’re looking for a Portishead nameplate to make a replica from.


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