Weston Clevedon & Portishead Railway Home

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Paul Gregory  

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Maps introduction

Maps are in order of increasing scale: Main map> local map> and detail map.



The main map shows the overall route of the railway. If you click on a station, details will be shown for that station, usually with a picture.

Within the main map, you can also click the boxed areas to show larger scale local maps of each local area.

There are detail maps at the largest scale for all stations (see button on station pages) to help in precise location of the sites. These are as accurate as possible.


Each station or major feature has its own page, and on each page there are navigation buttons enabling you to go straight to the main map, to the relevant local map, or to a detail map for that station. (e.g. Cadbury Road).                           

Some old Ordnance Survey maps are available. Links to the appropriate old map are at the top of relevant station pages.

A button marked Google maps takes you to the Google maps site for the showing the route of the railway and all station locations.

- if some of this doesn’t quite make sense.