Old OS maps
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Old OS maps

This is a list of old Ordnance Survey maps available on this site for each station or ‘feature’ . These maps are also linked from the relevant station pages.

Some of these old maps feature in the Alan Godfrey range of large-scale old OS maps. The relevant ones can be bought from the WC&P Railway Group on-line Shop.

Station or feature

Old OS Map


Portishead 1931 map

Portishead South

Portishead South 1931 map

Clapton Road, Black Rock & Nightingale Quarries, Cadbury Road, & Walton in Gordano

No old OS map available at present

Walton Park, Clevedon All Saints, Conygar Quarry & Clevedon East

Clevedon Swiss Valley area 1932 map

Clevedon, Clevedon East & Gas Works

Clevedon central area 1932 map


Clevedon central area 1903 map - before Portishead extension

Colehouse Lane

Colehouse Lane area 1904 map

Kingston Road, Broadstone

Kingston Road area 1904 map

Ham Lane, Wick St Lawrence, Ebdon Lane, Yeo Bridge

Wick St Lawrence area 1903 map


No old OS map available at present

Worle & Bristol Road

Worle 1930 map

Milton Road

Milton Road 1935(?) map

Weston Ashcombe Road

Weston Ashcombe Road 1931 map