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Train at PortisheadMemories

On this page are some memories of the WC&P railway sent in by users of this web site. More are very welcome. The WC&P Railway Group is very keen to record any memories of the railway. Do you have any or know anyone who does? If so please email here.

I moved with my family to Clevedon in the mid 1950's and lived on Walton Road in a house called Swissdene for many years (long before the Secondary School was built). I remember as a boy coming across bits of old rusted rail track and even a pair of bogeys in the brush alongside what is now known as Valley Road. The path along which the track had been originally laid was clearly visible in those days and particularly from behind our back garden along towards Holly Lane. There was a "cutting" where the school playing fields now come close to Walton Road and it was always a great place for us to find slowworm and lizards which would bask in the summer sun. Chris - Vancouver, Canada

My grandfather was Charles Coles, driver on the WC&P until the General Strike in 1926. He is the one that’s been chopped off on the far right hand side of the photo of ‘No 1 Clevedon’ on your History’ page, and on the cover of the Peter Strange book. Richard Davis

My father (born 1899) and his brother lived in Wick St Lawrence and went to school in Clevedon every day by WC&PR from c1906 to 1912. After closure during the war we lived at North End, Yatton and cycled to visit my grandparents in Wick going to Kingston Seymour and then along the old WC&PR track over Yeo Bridge - dodgy, no foot boards, just walking on the sleepers!! The wharf was still intact - just. Roger Davis, Wells

My maternal grandfather who was born in the early 1900s travelled on the WC&P in his courting days. He was living in Hotwells Bristol at the time. On Sunday there was the availability of a round trip ticket - his journey as I recall was: Down the Clifton Rocks railway to Hotwells station, from there a train down to Avonmouth - Campbell's steamer to Weston-super-Mare. A day eying up the girls on the prom and the pier, and then WC&P to Portishead. Portishead GWR train to Clifton Bridge station - walk up the hill, over the bridge and then home! Kelvin White (via Guestbook) - that’s what you call integrated transport!

In the 1930s as a small boy we all went to Weston-Super-Mare for summer treats. Very exciting ! I well remember somewhere near Wick St. Lawrence the train stopping among open fields, the guard jumping out and running across two fields to help a sheep lying on its back which couldn’t get up. With the sheep on its legs again and the guard back on board, we started off again. Good deed done for the day. British Rail please note ! Richard Cassan (Clevedon 1933 - 1952)


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